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3 Days Neelam Valley (Arang kel)

3 Days Neelam Valley (Arang Kel)​ 3 Days Neelam Valley (Arang kel) Price:₨12,000.00 Previous image Next image Description Itinerary Price Location Description Here is brief intro of place covered in our 4 days Neelam Valley tour packages in Pakistan: Neelam Valley (وادیِ نیلم) is also known as the blue gem of Pakistan. Neelam Valley is one of the most visited areas among northern areas of Pakistan. Neelam is the district of Azad Kashmir situated almost 90km away from its Capital. Neelam is almost 180km away from Islamabad and it takes 7 hours of drive to reach there by road. Dhani Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls

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